The Shocker
Season 6, Episode 2
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The Shocker was the 2nd episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on July 17, 2012.


Les complains that the internet department is not generating enough sales; to rectify this, Seth decides to have all items sold both online and at the pawn shop. However, they experience a problem when a man buys a watch online, but that same watch was sold several minutes earlier to an in-pawn shop customer, and was not removed from the website on time. Seth places the blame on Ashley, but she has a solution to the problem -- use barcodes. Also: a man tries to sell a "brand new" space heater, but it looks anything but brand new. A woman tries to redeem her pawn of her golf clubs, but when she learned that she actually sold them instead of pawning them, she had some choice words for not only the "thugs" on the staff, but also for Les and his Jewish faith. A man tries to sell a Halloween prop of a man being electrocuted in an electric chair, but not only the technology for props have advanced, they also became cheaper. A man and a woman fight over a jacket, as both claimed that they saw it first, leading to Ashley to decide who should get it -- no one. A shy little girl sells her rocking carousel horse, but realises that she needed to learn about an actual value of an item.