Oh No He Didn't
Season 6, Episode 12
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Oh Yes He Did

Oh No He Didn't was the 12th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on September 25, 2012.


A customer complained to Seth and Les that he was unable to pawn his watch at the Pontiac location, as he said that that location ran out of cash. This had Seth to believe that the Pontiac location was losing money, going as far as suggesting to Les that he should sell that location. However, Les steadfastly refuses to sell, as he believes that its fortunes can be turned around. Nevertheless, Seth entertains sales offers from other dealers, without the input or knowledge of Les, leading to Ashley to predict that the situation would end in a bloodbath. Also: A woman tries to exchange her diamond earrings, claiming that they were defective; however, Ashley points out to her that not only she had no receipt, but the earrings were fake. A woman requests that she gets a receipt for her television that she had taken out of pawn, but ends up in a temper tantrum when she learns that the store does not give receipts for pawns that were redeemed. A couple with a baby on the way sell their heart-shaped diamond, but almost walked out over $25 after learning that non-traditional cut diamonds were not that valuable. A man spends thousands of dollars of "God's money" on jewellery, but becomes a source of discomfort for Ashley when he start's rambling insanely. A couple of men try to sell vintage railroad crossing signs, but learn that, despite their collectability, there was no market for them.