Les' Mojo
Season 6, Episode 24
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Les' Mojo was the 24th episode of Season 6 of Hardcore Pawn. It originally aired on January 22, 2013


After Les was almost burned by the counterfeit watch deal in the last episode, Seth and Ashley become concerned when a few deals went awry: a man came in wanting to sell his 1948 Ford F-1 pickup, but ended up walking all over Les after Les pointed out a few flaws on the vehicle. Later, another man came in to sell his bingo equipment and accepted Ashley's $350 offer, only for the offer to be overridden by Les, in which he could only pay $200; the customer rejected the new offer and left. And Seth was about to offer a customer $60 cash for a 50th Anniversary Erector set, only for Les to change the offer to $40 store credit instead; Seth kept his own offer on the table, which the customer accepted. But when a customer came in with a Volkswagen Minibus used by Jack Kevorkian for his assisted suicides, Seth and Ashley saw it as a golden opportunity for Les to rebound, provided that the customer doesn't control the deal with his six-figure introductory offer.


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